Vidhya Food Purchase Policy

For the safety of all customers we do not re-sell returned food items, regardless of their condition, therefore all sales are final.

Canceled Orders: If order has been shipped we are unable to cancel the order and cannot issue a refund.

Delivery Address Change: We apply this to your order should you require such a change. If order has been shipped we are unable to change.

Product Ingredients: Ingredients for all foods sold at The Gluten-Free Mall® are posted on each product’s page, and it is a customer’s responsibility to read and understand them, and to select only those items that are safe for their specific diet. The gluten-free status and any other claim regarding the ingredients of any product sold at The Gluten-Free Mall® are made solely by the manufacturer.

Chocolate Items: Chocolate will melt when it gets hot–order items that contain chocolate at your own risk if you live where the climate is warm to hot.

Product Returns: We only accept pre-authorized returns for the following reasons (a digital image of the item(s) or the return of the remaining item(s) at our expense may be required, and any product defect or order issue must be reported within 24 hours of the receipt of your order):

The item was damaged during shipment, has spoiled, or is otherwise defective;

The item’s “Best When Used By” date lapsed by the time it was received;
The item’s description on our Web site was inaccurate.