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Enjoy the tasty goodness of Makka (mainze or corn) and make your cooking even better. Our high-quality Makka is a flexible ingredient that you can use in many different recipes.”

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    At Vidhya Flour Mill in Punjabi Bagh, we really care about making the best Makka flour, which is also called corn flour. It’s a healthy and flexible ingredient that can be used in lots of recipes. Here’s why it’s great:

    1. Lots of Good Stuff: Makka flour is packed with vitamins, minerals, and fiber, which are good for your health.
    2. No Gluten: If you can’t eat gluten or have gluten sensitivity, Makka flour is a good choice because it doesn’t have gluten but still tastes good.
    3. Goes Well with Everything: You can use Makka flour in all sorts of dishes, from traditional to new and creative. It can thicken soups, make tasty bread, and form the base for things like corn tortillas and chips.
    4. Tastes Nice: Makka flour has a mild and slightly sweet taste that makes your food even better.

    We take quality very seriously.

    1. Premium Corn: We pick the best corn kernels that are free from anything bad and keep them fresh to preserve their natural flavor and nutrition.
    2. Precise Milling: We use a special process to make sure the corn kernels turn into smooth and fine Makka flour.
    3. Quality Checks: We check the quality of our Makka flour at every step to make sure it’s pure and nutritious.

    You can use Makka flour in many ways:

    • Cornbread: Make soft and fluffy cornbread that’s perfect with other dishes or as a snack.
    • Tortillas and Chips: Create homemade corn tortillas and crispy chips for things like tacos and nachos.
    • Thickening Agent: Use Makka flour to make soups, stews, and sauces thicker and tastier.
    • Batter and Coating: Make a crispy coating for fried food or a flavorful batter for things like vegetables and meat.

    In short, at Vidhya Flour Mill Punjabi Bagh, we’re here to give you top-quality Makka flour that makes your cooking better. Whether you need a gluten-free option, want to try different recipes, or just want to improve your meals, our Makka flour is a great choice. So, get ready to use Makka flour in your kitchen and make delicious dishes.”



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