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Jowar(Great Millet)-1 Kg


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Jowar is a special grain that doesn’t have gluten and is full of fiber, which is really good for your health. You can use it in all sorts of recipes, like thick porridge, fresh salads, and yummy baked treats. It’s like a secret ingredient that makes your food tasty and good for you.

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    Get ready for a healthy adventure with Jowar from Vidhya Flour Mill.

    What’s Jowar? Jowar, also called Great Millet, is a super nutritious grain we’re excited to share with you. It’s packed with good stuff your body loves. Our Jowar comes from top-quality grains, and it’s high in fiber, giving you long-lasting energy. Plus, it has a nice, nutty taste that makes your meals even better.

    Cooking with Jowar Sabut Try our Jowar Sabut, which is made of whole Jowar grains. They add a chewy, yummy texture to your dishes and make them super healthy. You can use Jowar Sabut in porridge, salads, and more. It’s like a secret ingredient that makes your cooking fantastic and good for you.

    Easy Online Shopping for Great Millet There is no need to search high and low for Great Millet. We’ve made it easy for you. You can order it online from Vidhya Flour Mill. Great Millet has lots of health perks, like helping your tummy and keeping your heart happy. Just a few clicks, and we’ll deliver high-quality Great Millet to your door. Start your journey to a healthier you with Great Millet.


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