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Besan Mota-1 Kg


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Mota besan is a special kind of flour made from chickpeas. It’s not too fine and is great for making tasty snacks like pakoras and bhajis. Plus, it’s good for you because it has protein and fiber. If you want flour without gluten, this is a smart choice. Get our organic Mota Besan today and enjoy its goodness!

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    Delicious Laddus with Premium Mota Besan

    Learn how to make amazing laddus with Vidhya Flour Mill’s special Mota Besan. This besan (chickpea flour) adds fantastic flavor and texture to your laddus that everyone will love.

    Great Quality for Fantastic Laddus

    We pick only the best chickpeas to make our besan. This means your laddus will not only taste great but also show how good cooking can be.

    Mota Besan for Laddu in Delhi

    Making traditional laddus in Delhi is now easy. Our premium Besan is easy to find, so you can make yummy sweets that blend tradition and new ideas.

    Unmatched taste and quality

    • Irresistible Flavor: Our Besan makes your laddus taste even better.
    • Perfect Texture: Your laddus will have just the right softness.
    • Top-notch Quality: We make sure our Besan is the best.
    • Accessible in Delhi: You can find our Besan easily in the city.
    • Create Lasting Memories: Make laddus that become special memories.

    With Vidhya Flour Mill’s Besan, you can make laddus that are more than just treats—they’re memories. From family gatherings to big celebrations, your laddus will be the best part of every event.

    Make sweet memories with Besan: Create laddus that are full of tradition and taste great. Your celebrations will be even better with these delicious sweets.



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